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Showing posts from July, 2012

Install Ubuntu Server 11.04

I found a great article via Hacker News by Instagram Engineering where they have a detailed description of the architecture layers, starting with OS all the way down to the DB. Very impressive. I want to emulate a cloud installation of a server using EC2 Amazon cloud (already tried a micro version of Windows).

Next step is to configure it as Tomcat Java server + LAMP and go through some tutorials!

Windows 8 VM

Getting ready for the Windows 8 Developer Event, I finally got myself to install the W8 Beta that I downloaded years ago. Funny, neither VMWare workstation or MS Virtual PC was able to run the installer (returning "HAL_initialization_failed" error). I gave VirtualBox a try after reading some success stories and it works nicely. The interface of VBox seems to be pretty impressive.